“Using NTRglobal technology, Cerner associates are able to provide our clients with fast, simple, secure and cost-effective remote support and chat functionality. The platform capabilities have enabled us to use fewer remote support tools, as well as reduce overall costs.”

Heikki Kangas
Technical Project Manager
Cerner Corporation

Cerner needed a secure, common platform to better support its healthcare client base. The solution had to ensure the highest level of security given the confidential nature of the data managed by their customers.

The Company

Cerner Corporation is a leader in the healthcare information technology field whose global reach spans the United States, Europe and Asia. Founded in 1979, the company provides complete systems for hospitals and other healthcare organizations to manage and integrate all electronic health records, computer physician order entry (CPOE) and financial information. Cerner’s clinical and administrative information systems link emergency rooms, pharmacies and other healthcare departments by allowing clinicians to organize and access medical data.

Cerner boasts annual revenues of more than $1.85 billion. Its technology is licensed by more than 9,000 facilities around the world, including 2,600 hospitals, 1,600 pharmacies and 3,500 physician practices. There is a strong focus on the U.S. market, where constant pressure to streamline operational efficiency has been exacerbated by the system’s heavy reliance on paper documents and the prevalence of manual processes.

The Challenge

Cerner was implementing numerous solutions for application support across multiple business units, which resulted in high costs, since IT support engineers had to spend a significant portion of their time offering phone-based support without adequate mechanisms to view the end user’s screen.

Phone-based support was proving an ineffective and at times frustrating experience at both ends of the support exchange, since non-IT end users weren’t always able to adequately explain the problem.

To reduce costs and boost the productivity of its support team, Cerner sought a common platform for its global customer base and a simplified installer for end-user and point-to-point encrypted sessions. The solution had to guarantee the highest level of IT security, given the confidential nature of the medical data that Cerner clients managed.

According to Heikki Kangas, technical project manager, “The need for a common remote support tool was tremendous. Associates were using a variety of technologies to support clients, which increased training costs and negatively impacted productivity.”

The Solution

To address this situation, Cerner decided to adopt an integrated chat application to optimize efficiency and reduce overall support costs. After researching various alternatives on the market, Cerner choose to integrate Support Ultimate in its application software.

The Outcome

The common platform has facilitated widespread service usage. The ability to create embedded access within Cerner’s application software allows physicians and medical professionals direct access to Cerner engineers to immediately resolve Level 2 issues. The direct line of communication enabled by live chat has the dual benefit of enhancing customer experience while reducing support costs, since it eliminates the expensive phone queues and travel-related expenses Cerner engineers used to incur.

“We have over 100 concurrent users who utilize the solution on a daily basis. Associates now have a faster way to support and shadow clients. The NTRglobal licensing model has made it a very cost-effective solution compared to other products on the market”, added Kangas.