NTR Chat

Designed for high-volume call centers, NTR Chat
reduces average handling time, optimizes the support pipeline and facilitates a positive experience on both sides of the support exchange.

At a fraction of the cost of phone-based support, NTR Chat offers your customers one-click access to assistance and equips your customer support agents with easy-to-use remote desktop tools for fast diagnosis and problem resolution across Windows, Mac and Linux, and mobile devices including WIN Mobile 5/6, CE, Blackberry and Android.

NTR Chat also features Direct Support for Applications (DSA), an agent that may be embedded on any application in a Windows operating system. DSA optimizes your clients' workflow by letting them receive immediate support the moment they need it, directly from the application or page where they are currently working.


Key Benefits
  • Proven ROI: 55% less costly than phone-based support
  • Increase Productivity: Support technicians handle 5
    simultaneous chats vs. 1 phone call
  • Flexible Support: Chat button embeddable in e-mail, support portal and within specific apps
  • Increase CSAT: An instant channel for support, with
    flexibility to request assistance when they need it.
  • Grow Your Business: Increase cross- and up-sells by engaging customers when interest is high
  • Total Accountability: Advanced reporting gives full
    visibility of call center activity
  • Seamless integration with remote desktop control